Welcome to Marvelous Allure

     We are so excited to share that our website will be officially open for business on October 15, 2019!

Marvelous Allure was originally established in 2016 to accentuate women's natural beauty with the latest makeup trends. 

Overtime, we began to notice that clients were even more astonished with their transformations when their looks were supplemented with stylish jewelry. 

Subsequently, we now offer a variety of accessories that can carry you from school, the office, special events, romantic dates or even just everyday occasions where you want to capture your Marvelous Allure. 


    So now that you have a little background on who we are and what we do, we can't wait for you to check out our Elite Collection which highlights unique gold plated pieces, and handmade clutches that are truly eye catching! 

We also have an Allure Collection that consist of everyday fun pieces that emphasize your allure in a more subtle way. 

We eventually hope to expand our collection to offer you more ways to highlight your Marvelous appeal, but of course we can't do that without your support. 

So please feel free to share our website ( with your friends and family, and visit our pages on Instagram & Facebook (Marvelousallure), where we showcase our items and keep you updated on new releases and sales promotions.

And don't forget to tag us (#Marvelousallure) on social media whenever you wear your Marvelous Allure! We would absolutely love to see how you emphasize your style with our accessories! 

We look forward to sharing our awesome collection with you & can't wait to show how much we appreciate all of you for taking the time out to support our small business! 



Marvelous Allure 

Accentuate Your Appeal with Marvelous Allure Accessories